Wine Charms
Custom-made in 3 different themes

a) Olive ( set of 4 charms) 
b) Pirate (set of 5 charms)
c) Hippy (set of 5 charms)

$12.00 per set

Wine cork keychains
Custom made wine cork key chains in various designs. From the utilitarian to the ultimate bling queen made with the wine cork. We have it all. Great addition to a gift basket!

$12.00 each


Customized bar & kitchen towels with designer fabric accent and embroidered caption. 

"Spicy Enough to Walk the Plank for" - black and red

$12.00 per towel


"Some Like it Hot" - black and red

$12.00 per towel


Bon Appetit
red and brown

$12.00 per towel


black towel with green or blue stitching

$12.00 per towel

Martini Twizzle
Beaded metal picks available in a variety of designs.
Have your dirty martini without getting dirty. Specify between blingy and wooden.

$12.00 Each